From: Thomas Peters

To: Shari Weiss

15 Things memo

This list is made up of things I have learned over the past five weeks while enrolled in Business 300GW. It is a compilation of the things I found most interesting and the things that I believe that will prove most beneficial in the working world.

  1. Power Pose: Exercises that are intended to boost your self-confidence prior to performing an oral presentation.
  2. The Five Minute Rule: Show up to an interview five to ten minutes early.
  3. Libel: Publishing a false statement with the intention to defame somebody.
  4. Primary Research: Information that is obtained first hand such as; experiment, survey, and interviews.
  5. Tips for a Meeting: Approach a meeting with three adjectives in mind that you want the group to describe you with.
  6. Prose: Any sort of written material that is not considered to be poetry.
  7. Consensus Decision Making: If a group can’t come to a consensus the final decision is made by the leader.
  8. Tips for Presentations: Use a story to get an idea across because stories have the ability to create a physical response.
  9. Tips for Presentations: As the speaker and mentor your goal is to help the audience cross the threshold into the world with your idea.
  10. Tips for Presentations: Never be afraid to cut and audience response off because you are always in control as the speaker.
  11. Council: Freely speaking from the heart in story form to express your emotions.
  12. Closing a Request: Tell the reader courteously what it is that needs to be done.
  13. Automatic Influence: When a story has such an influence over a group that they just believe without knowing.
  14. Tips for Oral Presentations: Instead of using words such as “like” and “um” embrace the silence because it will give your presentation more flow.
  15. Tips for Meetings: Think of at least one thought provoking thought or question prior to the meeting and introduce it at a time it will spur discussion.

These are just 15 of the several things I learned over this short semester that I will be able to use going forward in my professional career. This list is a compilation of tips and information that will help me in both written and oral communication in the business setting. This was one of the most helpful courses I have taken at San Francisco State University and I hope to take more like it.